For Dealers

Strengthen your finance conversion rate with access to over 30 specialist lenders who are in market to work with us to make a deal happen on equitable and fair terms.

We find the right fit for the customer who sometimes does not always the square peg in square hole mentality of many lenders.

We make a deal work for you and the client.

Platform Features

Instant Access

Instant access to expansive lender panel through the platform


The platforms live feed updates keep you up to date 24/7

Fully Compliant

The platform is fully compliant with the industry standards

Easy Accreditation

Get easy accreditations through single membership on the platform

NCCP Document

NCCP Documents are taken care of on the platform

Point of Sale Exemption

Affiliation with the Dealer Finance Group Platform allows you to continue to operate under the Point of Sale Exemption. So, as long as you are selling the asset, you can stay in control of the finance throughout the whole process!

Referral Option 1: Full Application

For this type of referral, you set the interest rate and origination fee for the loan. DFG selects the preferred lender. You manage all communication with your customer through the application process. Dealer Finance Group acts as your back-end processing support.

The Process

Quoting > Submission > Review > Approval > Settlement

Quoting: Complete the quote using our propriety quoting tool.

Submission: Fill in an application using the DFG portal. Or, share a link with your customer so they can fill in their own application.

Review: Our team reviews the application, selects the best-suited lender and submits the application.

Approval: When approved, you’ll be emailed with loan details and approval conditions.

Settlement: Upon receipt of a tax invoice, loan documents will be sent to you to complete with your customer. Scan documents back to DFG to complete with the lender.

Ask for a demo

Simply request a demo, complete our Partner Accreditation Form, and provide all relevant supporting documents. Our Referral Agreement will be sent to you via DocuSign. Upon return, your access will be granted. Simple.

Referral Option 2: Tick ‘n’ Flick

For this type of referral the business manager submits basic customer contact information and Dealer Finance Group handles the entire application and settlement process with the customer.

Tick ‘n’ Flick | In-house Declines

If a customer has already been declined by an in-house lender, the business manager can simply print the application from their CRM or lender system, upload it as a supporting document with the Spot Refer method. DFG handles the rest, and you can move onto your next application.